The proceeds of all sales help the development of the museum
Man with broom
Man with broom £4.50 each
Man with spade
Man with spade £4.50 each
Man in conversation
Man in conversation £4.50 each
Woman shopping
Woman shopping £4.50 each
Shopkeeper £4.50 each
Seated man - 4
Seated man - 4 £4.50 each
Man reading newspaper
Man reading newspaper £4.50 each
Man with tea
Man with tea £4.50 each
Man kneeling
Man kneeling £4.50 each
Boy - 3
Boy - 3 £4.50 each
Man in conversation
Man in conversation £4.50 each
Seated man - 6
Seated man - 6 £4.50 each
Seated woman - 4
Seated woman - 4 £4.50 each
Man sweeping
Man sweeping £4.50 each
Woman shopping-1
Woman shopping-1 £4.50 each
Woman shopping-2
Woman shopping-2 £4.50 each
Woman shopping-3
Woman shopping-3 £4.50 each
Woman shopping-4
Woman shopping-4 £4.50 each
Woman shopping-5
Woman shopping-5 £4.50 each
Man in conversation-1
Man in conversation-1 £4.50 each
Man in conversation-2
Man in conversation-2 £4.50 each
Man in conversation-3
Man in conversation-3 £4.50 each
Man in conversation-4
Man in conversation-4 £4.50 each
Man in conversation-5
Man in conversation-5 £4.50 each
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How the Shop Works

Pendon Museum use PayPal as the payment gateway for our shop. When you click 'Buy Now' you will be redirected to a PayPal payment page. You do not have to have a PayPal account to buy your item as the payment page will accept all major credit cards as well as payments through the PayPal payment system.

Once the transaction is finished you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal and be redirected to the museum website.

We automatically add shoppers to the distribution of our bi-monthly Pendon News. You can unsubscribe if this is not required.

Friends of Pendon

Friends are entitled to a 10% discount on purchases. If you don't have the discount code please contact Dave Badminton who will supply it.

Details of Friends membership are here.

Tickets for Pendon Talks and Masterclasses

Your PayPal receipt serves also as the ticket and must be produced on arrival at the Museum.